The concept behind ClassixArt was founded in 2012 in Jersey City, NJ. At the time, two University students, Donya Green and Steven Lopez, both apart of the Educational Opportunity Fund were brought together as roommates. Upon meeting each other, their first conversation was about fashion. These conversations eventually led to the idea of building a clothing line.

Originally meant to be branded as “Finesse” with a rose logo, the idea spread to other members of their college social circle. Kelvin Peebles, a graphic designer, Aaron Manfredo, also a graphic designer, and Isaiah Olivieri, a music artist and marketing creative, were added to the team in 2013. It was during this year that the brand was changed because of legal issues. The new inspiration was Classix(Art).

Today, the team consists of four creatives that represent free art expression, style, and self-confidence. Inspired by streetwear, hip hop, sports, and graffiti culture, ClassixArt continues to create to promote self-love and self-confidence through art. Lastly, with a desire to live forever by leaving a permanent paint stroke on the world. We will always strive to better ourselves because we are aware that there is no end, life goes on.